Ascesión Repiso Bocos winecellar´s family

Mª Ascensión Repiso

  Madame Repiso Ascension, a native of Pesquera del Duero, has a distinct goal to transmit the culture of wine within which she grew up.
This culture belongs in the intermediate generation between the artisan methods and the new technical styles of winemaking.


  Anastasio married Ascension and became an adopted son of Pesquera having always loved the cultivation of vines and wine making process.
He currently runs the vineyard and the bodega.


  Veronica is the youngest daughter of Ascension and Anastasio.
She earned her degree in oenology from the University Rovira and Virgili of Tarragona.
Her passion for wine incorporates both what she has learned from her parents and her studies.

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